To-Be Tokyo+Berlin Communication–Art 2010
 東京+ベルリン コミュニケーション

  7 – 29 August 2010
  28 artists from Tokyo and Berlin at Freies Museum Berlin
  Potsdamer Str. 91 · 10785 Berlin

A project by KUNSTFAKTOR e.V. Berlin and ART MAMA COMPANY Tokyo in cooperation with FREIES MUSEUM BERLIN. Supported by Pola Art Foundation, Japan Foundation und Nomura Holding (Tokyo). Under the patronage of the Embassy of Japan in Berlin.

media partner: RBB Kulturradio


Newsletter flashback:
Invitation & exhibition info 31 Juli 2010
Art & Breakfast meets Discursive Picnic 15 August 2010
Workshop Anna Barth –TanzArt Labor 22 August 2010
Closing Event 29 August 2010

photos & downloads
catalog+documentation 96+28 pp., 215+160 pics, 25 €

OPENING (photos: see downloads and
Saturday, 7 August 2010 at 5 pm  · 
RECEPTION BY Aki Sugaya (Embassy of Japan)
ART PARTY with catalog presentation, barbecue, fingerfood and cocktailbar
PERFORMANCES by Anna Barth & Thomas von Arx, Tomohiro Hatori, Tomoko Kofuneko, Noritoshi Motoda, Tatsumi Orimoto and Nobuki Yamamoto

FREIES MUSEUM BERLIN · Potsdamer Str. 91 · 10785 Berlin Schöneberg · U1-Kurfürstenstr./U2-Bülowstr. · city map

Monday–Saturday 12–7 pm · Thursday until 10 pm · Sunday 3–6 pm
An exhibtion catalogue will be published.

8 – 15 August · daily 11 am – 1 pm:
ART & BREAKFAST by Midori Mitamura for visitors and artists

8 – 12 August · daily 12 – 6 pm
· 5-day live performance by Tamaki Kawaguchi

Sun, 15 August · 11 am – 5 pm
(11am–2pm) meets DISCURSIVE PICNIC by UNWETTER (2–5pm)

Sun, 29 August · 5 – 10 pm
CLOSING EVENT · music by Steve Nickel, performances by Anna Barth and Tomohiro Hatori


Artists from Tokyo Artists from Berlin
Tomohiro Hatori

羽鳥 智裕

Thomas von Arx

トーマス フォン アックス

Tamaki Kawaguchi

川口 珠生

Anna Barth

アナ バート

Susumu Kinoshita

木下 晋

Thomas Dzieran

トーマス ツィーラン

Tomoko Kofuneko


Kai-Olaf Hesse

カイーオラフ ヘッセ

Masami Kondo

近藤 昌美

Frank Benno Junghanns

フランク ベノ ユングハンス

Midori Mitamura

三田村 光土里

Stefan Kreide

ステファン クライデ

Noritoshi Motoda

元田 典利

Stefan Rueff

ステファン ルフ

Izumi Ooishi

大石 泉

Antonio Santin

アントニオ サンティーン

Tatsumi Orimoto

折元 立身

Ulrike Solbrig

ウーリケ ゾルブリック

Chieo Senzaki

千崎 千恵夫

Caro Suerkemper

カーロ ヅァーケンペア

Tadayuki Shimada

島田 忠幸

Peter Unsicker

ペーター ウンヅィッカー

Mio Shirai

白井 美穂

Juan Varela

ホアン ヴァレラ

Hiroshi Suzuki

鈴木 浩之

Dana Widawski

ダナ ヴィダウスキー

Nobuki Yamamoto

山本 伸樹

Regula Zink

レグラ ツィンク

KUNSTFAKTOR Produzentengalerie e.V. (organization) · eMail
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Office: Stendaler Str. 6 · 10559 Berlin

FREIES MUSEUM BERLIN (exhibition venue) · eMail

Tel. +49 (0)30 - 34 72 18 14

Exhibition: Potsdamer Str. 91 · 10785 Berlin


To–Be · Tokyo+Berlin Communication Art 2010

The multidisciplinary exhibition To–Be highlights in 2010 works by 28 artists from Japan and Germany, who research spheres of common ground in the «Being and Becoming» in both cultures.

To–Be is a joint venture based on an open-minded concept inspired by the artists Tatsumi Orimoto and Thomas von Arx. The exhibition is a collective working process between the artists without any instructions from a curator, to create space for developments and conversations reaching beyond the scope of an exhibition.

Starting point of this project was a gathering of 19 younger and more experienced artists in the summer of 2009 in Tokyo, who portrayed renowned and emerging positions. The exhibition took place at Higure 17-15 cas, contemporary art space in Tokyo.

The concept worked well in terms of exhibition quality, as well as founding of new collaborations and ideas, which is why we applied the same principle with To–Be – continuing our experiences in Japan 2009 – in order to deepen the communication about art and to form a summit with our show in 2010. It is planned to continue the exhibition series in 2011 in reference to the 150th anniversary of the signing of the Prussian-Japanese friendship and trade treaty. The collaboration with both cities in this regard could vitalise the partnership between the two on a cultural level.

The project gains a remarkable dynamic through the conjunction of very differently inspired societies and their individual perceptions of art. The various overlaps, hybrids and grey areas show the direction of East-Asian/European convergence – not only in artistic terms.

Art as a communication-engine is in this sense connecting and moving independent strategies of exchange and relations. This activating process is an essential aspect of the exhibition: creating an artist-driven «open stage», that allows and develops inspiring collaborations between cultures, the arts, the artists and the audience. For this project the artists from Japan and Germany will get together in Berlin for two weeks in August.

The cultural exchange of this project will not be limited to the exhibition itself. The visit of our Japanese fellows in an around the metro area of Tokyo was a fixed part of the concept. The provided hospitality and living everyday life together offers the artists a framework for conversations about art, politics, and social life also conveyed by celebrating Japanese and German cuisine. Possibly this dialog will enter into the work of the artists too.

The exhibition’s opening will be celebrated with a program of various performances. Several art works will still be developed throughout the first week of the exhibition. Each morning at 10 o’clock (8–15 August) Midori Mitamura will welcome visitors to Art & Breakfast, which will be the base of the work she creates. On the 15th, her Art & Breakfast will meet the Discursive Picnic by UNWETTER (‹were everybody is guest & host at the same time. Bringing, giving, taking, sharing: living- and think-spaces›). Tamaki Kawaguchi will produce her piece Painting a bee by a bee for 5 days inside of a glass cube.

All 28 artists will be present at the opening event. Guided tours for groups are possible by appointment.


For this exhibition a catalog will be published by bruno dorn verlag · ISBN 978-3-942311-01-4

Supported by:

Pola Art Foundation

Japan Foundation Nomura Foundation Embassy of Japan